I touched on this late last year, but 2020 for me was really a year that solidified the importance of community.

You, Our MM whanau, continues to be our lighthouse, guiding us through both calm seas and the harshest of storms. The past 12 months have seen my team and I continue to learn and listen to our customer, and now more than ever we have a clear picture of who that person is. Before making the decision to move our business away from a wholesale model to operate entirely direct-to-consumer, one of the hard truths I faced was that designing for a wholesaler and designing for the person who wears our clothes, are two very different things. Ultimately, MM designs real clothes for real people. For mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and changemakers.

We have sold a Keep It Together dress for a husband’s funeral, an Invested In Me jacket for a woman starting a new career, an I Lead From The Heart Blazer to a cancer survivor celebrating ten years in remission, a Together We Stand Skirt for a new mother searching for a stretchy waistband, and a Sunday Kind Of Love Bolero to a woman receiving the New Zealand Order Of Merit for criminal justice and victim advocacy. We feel so privileged to play a small part in these big moments in our customer’s life, and feel grateful that by creating real relationships with our customers we are then in a position to educate them on the issues that matter to us.

At Maggie Marilyn we aim to be a conduit for connection. Our clothes, while important, are in reality the by-product of a greater mission, one that aims to cultivate a community with the shared vision of creating a better world. This mission is not something that just happens overnight, instead it requires focus on designing for the long term, not cutting corners but instead building something that is made to last, something that is forever. With this in mind, our new Forever capsules are meant to be just that, forever! Pieces you love and cherish for years to come; pieces that remind you of where you’ve been, and inspire you for where togo next.

The goals of my team and I are audacious – there is no denying that. But these goals are not without a plan or a vision. I want Maggie Marilyn to be here 100 years from now, and with that as my Northern star, it gives me some much needed perspective and a healthy dose of reality: Yes we’re going to weather a few storms and maybe one or two pandemics! But when you’re playing the long game there’s no cutting corners, because you’re designing something to last a lifetime.

I hope you love this capsule as much as we do!

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