Sometimes, simply hearing that
someone else is feeling the same
way as you, brings comfort.

It reminds us that we aren't alone. That we are understood. Our beautiful MM team, have agreed to get vulnerable. To share each week, how they are feeling, how they are navigating these strange times. We hope that these little snippets of vulnerability can bring strength and solidarity. We are in this together.

As we move towards the end of our Thoughts from Home series, here in New Zealand we are no longer in lockdown and are beginning to navigate what a new normal looks like. With it already beginning to feel like another lifetime, it has been therapeutic to revisit and reflect on my time in isolation. 

For me, lockdown wasn’t vastly different from normal life. I’m an introvert so outside of work I enjoy spending lots of time in my own company, so this wasn't new to me! And also, my job lends itself very easily to working from home. Part of my role at MM is looking after our communications and social media, so during lockdown my role was full steam ahead. I spent a lot more time than usual on social media as it was really important to me that through open, honest and vulnerable communications we could be a source of solidarity for our community. I hoped that we could create a space for people to feel nourished, inspired and supported. 

I found so much fulfilment in my work during this time and was humbled by the community we felt around us however I also had days where I found myself wishing that I was participating in this ‘once in a lifetime pause’ that it seemed so many people around me were enjoying. I struggled to process my emotions around this and had to remind myself not to allow comparison to creep in. I found that being kind to myself came much harder some days than others. On the difficult days, when tumultuous emotions or comparative thoughts crept in I tried to remind myself of this quote from Caroline Myss, ‘Live one day at a time. Keep your attention in the present time. Have no expectations. Make no judgements. And give up the need to know why things happen as they do’.

It’s true that in times of crisis we are shaken off the hamster wheel and pushed to re-evaluate what is truly important in life. For me, I have known since a young age that I needed to use my life to make the world a better place. It sounds cliche but I honestly feel this purpose in my bones. If I didn’t work for a mission led brand that had genuine ambitions to make a difference, I can truly say that I would not be working in fashion. I like clothing but it is not my passion, my passion is creating change. And the way our industry, and entire economy operates must change if there is a future for our species. I say this because I believe this is how we should be communicating climate change. Humans are naturally inclined to care and take immediate action if it directly impacts them, something we have seen so clearly with COVID-19. If we continue with business as usual, yes we are killing our planet but ultimately we are killing our species (and taking a countless others with us). Mother Earth is endlessly resistant, she will adapt and regrow, long after we are gone. I believe it’s time to change the narrative and help people to understand that by taking from our planet without returning, we are in fact killing ourselves. We are not masters of nature, we are part of it. We must be reminded of this interdependence. Without nature we don’t have people and without people we don’t have an economy. So as we plan our recovery from this crisis, I beg everyone to deeply consider this. Rebuilding our economy relies unequivocally on rebuilding nature.

If COVID has shown us one thing, it is that there is great power in people coming together for the greater good. With the solidarity it has created, we have the power to change the world. To create a new normal where the planet is more important than profits. I truly hope that we can use this unique global togetherness to transform this moment in history from one of darkness to the brightest force for change our planet has ever seen.

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