Sometimes, simply hearing that
someone else is feeling the same
way as you, brings comfort.

It reminds us that we aren't alone. That we are understood. Our beautiful MM team, have agreed to get vulnerable. To share each week, how they are feeling, how they are navigating these strange times. We hope that these little snippets of vulnerability can bring strength and solidarity. We are in this together.

Isolation has brought out a lot of emotions for me. Some of these moments were brief, others will fade with time and a few I’ll look back on and treasure in the future.

Moments of Angst

With a lot of time spent overthinking I couldn’t help but have questions constantly running through my mind. Are we through the worst of it? What will life look the after this? What will the damage be? It can easily become overwhelming, which it did at times, but I just had to remind myself that humans have a knack for persevering, we always find new ways to adapt and evolve.


Moments of Frustration

Misinformation, conspiracies and fake news; I won’t get started but there’s no place for this, especially during what the world is experiencing. I wish the time and energy put into these endeavors instead went into something positive.

Moments of Helplessness

With the vulnerable hit far and wide throughout this pandemic it’s hard to know that you can’t help out all that much. Supporting local communities and businesses has been a great way to feel a little less helpless - also a great excuse for that extra coffee!


  Moments of Gratitude

I feel grateful to work for MM. It gives my job a lot of meaning to be a small part of a company that is about more than just beautiful clothes, but more about creating and growing a community throughout all aspects of the business.

Moments of Happiness

Isolation provided me with time to find happiness in different ways. Enjoying the slower morning cups of coffee, searching for new recipes to keep busy in the kitchen, long nights spent over board games. It makes those moments you’ve taken for granted, like getting out in the water, just that much sweeter when you’re able to do so again.

Moments of Hope and love

I hope for a better future. I hope we can rebuild in a more conscious, compassionate way. I hope we can learn from this and come out the other side better prepared for what the future might hold. I’ve learnt that happiness has less to do with where you are or what you’re doing, and more to do with who you are with. Being surrounded (mostly virtually!) by those I love during the lockdown got me through. 



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