Sometimes, simply hearing that
someone else is feeling the same
way as you, brings comfort.

It reminds us that we aren't alone. That we are understood. Our beautiful MM team, have agreed to get vulnerable. To share each week, how they are feeling, how they are navigating these strange times. We hope that these little snippets of vulnerability can bring strength and solidarity. We are in this together.

It’s day nine of our lockdown here in New Zealand, I am isolating with my family at our home in the Bay of Islands.

It is a peaceful escape from the devastating turmoil that spans the globe right now. I have three sisters, so it’s a full household, so far there haven't been too many arguments but we are only on day five so I will keep you updated. I interrupted my youngest sister's Tik Tok by accident last night, so note to self, don't walk through someone's Tik Tok! She was not happy!

We are really close as a family, but this is a new kind of close. I don't think we have ever spent this much time together. I haven’t spent more than two weeks in my hometown since I was 17... Come to mention it, I haven't been in one place for longer than a month in maybe three years. I have come to know airports and hotels like the back of my hand. So staying in one place for a while will definitely be an adjustment.

I'm not someone who knows how to just ‘be’. Since I can remember, I have always operated at a million miles an hour. I am incredibly impatient, so waiting... waiting to see how long we will be in isolation… waiting to see how long it will be until things feel ‘normal’ again and then what our new ‘normal’ may even look like? This makes me incredibly anxious. I don't know if I have ever talked about this in interviews, but I battle with crippling anxiety. It comes in waves; some days are worse than others, so my anxiety definitely makes me more introverted. That's why you won't see me much on our Instagram. I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with anxiety? I would love to hear if there is something that has really worked for you. For me, getting a dog two years ago was life-changing, she is my whole world and really calms my nerves.

The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions. I have days where I feel brave and optimistic, and days when the realities of what is happening feel all-encompassing. I have tried to predict so much since starting MM, always trying to be ahead of the curve, but I never could have predicted this. But I know at MM we are building a business that will be here in 100 years' time, a business that will surpass my own life, so we were always going to have to weather a few storms.

I have always been purpose-led, so I tell myself every night before I go to sleep. Now is the time to lead with courage, to be brave! To trust in the light guided by our northern star, which is and always has been to be a part of building an industry that is circular, transparent, accountable, and empowering.

Lastly, the reason that we share so many poems with you on our Instagram is that I believe words have the power to move mountains. They can heal, they can inspire and they can allow someone to step into the power of their own greatness. During this time, now more than ever, remember the simple virtue and kindness in praise, tell someone around you that you are proud of them, tell them that they are smart, they are brave, they are worthy. Remind your friend, sister, brother, father, lover, and mother that they can change the world!

P.S stay tuned for more updates

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