At MM, we’re committed to using high quality fabrics that are kind to both people and the planet, and one of the fabrics we sometimes use is deadstock.

In the case of our latest Forever capsule, we utilised deadstock fabric to create new favourites like the Easy To Love Shirt and Bobbie Boyfriend Pants, as well as using it to recut some MM classics like the Have The Faith Blazer which used deadstock from Season 7 (before we got rid of seasons all together!).



Deadstock fabrics are essentially leftovers. They’re the result of a broken fashion system where brands have either over ordered fabric, or textile mills have overproduced, and are destined to be landfilled or incinerated. 



When MM chooses to use deadstock, we recognise that there are many imperfections with this decision. For example, when purchasing fabric second-hand there is little-to-no supply chain traceability. This means that deadstock fabrics are rarely certified for ethical or organic production, so we can’t be sure of the chemical and environmental impact during the production process. 

Although an imperfect system, our decision to use small amounts of deadstock stems from our desire to repurpose fabrics that would otherwise be wasted.



Until this model changes, and deadstock exists only in very small quantities from fully traceable supply chains, we believe that repurposing this fabric (and making something beautiful like a Destined To Be Dress…)  is making the best of a broken system.


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