The fibres that make up a
Maggie Marilyn garment



Tencel is a biodegradable fibre made by dissolving sustainably sourced wood pulp; which is treated, spun, dried and woven into cloth. 

Tencel requires less energy and water to produce than cotton.

Tencel is made in a closed loop production process where the process water is recycled and the solvent for treatment is reused at a recovery of more than 99%. 

As a natural fibre, Tencel is comfortable, breathable and incredibly soft on the skin. 

Our Goal

Tencel is a fairly new fibre to Maggie Marilyn, so new, that we haven’t yet accounted for its use in our 2020 strategy that we released at the start of this year. We’ve chosen to use tencel because it has a low environmental impact compared to more traditional natural fibres like silk or cotton, while still maintaining quality and durability.


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