Whether you are spending the holidays at the beach or cuddled up by the fire, forget what day it is by burying yourself in these wonderful books and podcasts.


Rising Strong - Brené Brown

Rising Strong 

By Brene Brown

After listening to Brene’s Ted Talk (one of the top 5 most viewed Ted Talks in the world with over 40 million views) I had to buy this book! It’s all about the power of vulnerability.

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How To Wind Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

How to win friends and influence people

By Dale Carnegie

Originally published in 1936, this book is as relevant now as it was then. I recommend this to everyone! 

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Where To Begin - Cleo Wade

Where to Begin: A Small Book about Your Power to Create Big Change in Our Crazy World

By Cleo Wade

I love Cleo. Her first book Heart-Talk has been my source of daily inspiration over the past year. I am so excited to bury myself in her latest masterpiece over the holidays. 

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Talking Tastebuds podcast by Venetia Falconer

Talking tastebuds

hosted by Venetia Falconer

Venetia is a slow fashion, sustainability powerhouse who touches on topics from feminism in fashion and extinction rebellion to acknowledging privilege and anxiety as a superpower. 

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Talking Tastebuds podcast by Recho Omonde

The Cutting Room Floor

by Recho Omonde 

An open, honest and unashamedly truthful insight into the realities of the fashion industry. 

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Innovators podcast hosted by Liz Bacelar and Rachel Arthur

Innovators podcast

Discussions around the challenges and opportunities faced by visionaries, executives and entrepreneurs.

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