Noelene, or affectionately known by our team as Noels, joined our team as production assistant after owning one of our most valuable factories. She has a laugh that lights up the room, an unmatched warmth and zest for life, gives the worlds best hugs and is simply one of our favorite people. Captured as one of the people who continue to influence and inspire us, we talked to Noels about not only what she does, but who she is - the change she hopes to see in the world and what makes her truly happy.




What do you do? 

I'm semi retired now I guess. I do a bit of sewing from home and recently I went into AUT to help the students in there which I thoroughly enjoyed. Aside from that, I potter at home!
What do you do when you potter?

I try to potter in my garden. When I left Maggie’s at the start of 2020, it was the first chance I have had to have a serious potter in the garden. I also stay in touch with my Dad and visit him most days. I’m married, I’ve been married for nearly 33 years - although I call him my boyfriend. I’ve also got my Son, Sam, who lives in London and my daughter, Victoria, she is a florist and lives in Auckland. Sam comes home in March, which I am very excited for.  
Can you me how you came to meet Maggie and how your relationship has developed?

Maggie, I absolutely love Mags. We first met when I had my business, Avenue Clothing. We did production for her season 1,2,3 and 4. It was around season 4 that I sold my business and then I came to work for Maggie for 2 years as the Production Assistant. While I was there we did a lot of sampling and I met Olive and Georgia and everyone
Do you have any favourite memories of working at MM?

I think my biggest memory would be when she gave me the job as Production Assistant. I was so excited about that! I think I did my bit, even though I left to be with my mum. I think my life really works for me now. I appreciate being able to work from home whereas when I used to work from home a long time ago, I always felt a bit bored. But now I’m complete being at home. I can do things at my own time.
What makes you, you?

I try to be a nice person.  
You are a nice person! How do you think other people describe you?

It’s funny, I asked my friends that exact question last week, I said - ‘do you think I’m bossy?’ They said ‘no’. I just try to be calm and even - but I know I do lose the plot sometimes! . 
Don’t worry - everyone loses the plot sometimes!

I know, but I try not to let things worry me too much.
What makes you most happy?

My kids and my husband. And I love the beach and the sunshine - yes, I love going to the beach.
What are the 3 things you value most in other people?

Honesty, loyalty, friendship.
What change would you like to see in the world?

All the plastic - it’s got to go. I had an experience at a beach in Sri Lanka. In the resort the beach was stunning, but either side of the resort was covered in plastic, you couldn’t even see the sand. It was that bad. So, I guess that’s been the biggest thing that has affected me, it’s been a real eye opener. We also need to plant more trees and stop chopping down the rainforest.
Where is your Somewhere? The place where you feel most at peace, grounded, revived and at home.
I think Papamoa is my Somewhere. I think eventually we will give it a go and retire down there. I just love being there, so close to the beach. We used to go up north but now we’ve got a property in Papamoa we go here. Just a simple girl I am! 

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