Family man and founder of Selvedge Cloth - Neha’s joy for life and exquisite taste from fashion to furniture goes unmatched. Captured as one of the people who continue to influence and inspire us, we talked to Neha about not only what he does but who he is - the change he hopes to see in the world and what makes him truly happy.






Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?

I’m a fabric wholesaler, so I bring fabric into New Zealand and sell it to all the unsuspecting designers around New Zealand and a few in Australia. I’ve done this for - my goodness - since I was 25 so over 20 years.

How did you start working with MM and can you explain a bit about how we work together?

When I started my business, Maggie was already going, so I remember calling her and talking to - I think I ended up with Olive, actually. And how we work together - it’s a friendship really. I probably am really guilty of not trying to sell fabric and more just place things in front of people and suggest things. So usually I just pop in, or what have you, and see how you guys are and if you need anything or what you're looking for! And then I will put some fabric in front of you and we go from there.

Do you have any favourite memories of working with the MM team?

I really enjoyed the discussion we did, about a month ago, on sustainability. I like the things that Maggie is pushing in regards to circular fashion and sustainability. So any time I get an opportunity to discuss those things with her it's fun.

What makes you, you? Separate from your job, who are you as a person?

I would say reflection and truthfulness. I guess I just have a desire to do the best that I can for everyone around me.

What are the three things that you value most in others?

Loyalty, honesty and sense of humour.

What things do you love most in the world? What makes you truly happy?

I love the things that really connect me with the earth. So, I like to do things like gardening, cooking and hanging out with my family and friends.

Can you tell me a bit about your family?

My wife (is the boss) and my best friend. We have two children - my daughter Hero is 10 and my son Fox is 7. They’re amazing - they’re just really great, free, individual thinkers... who answer back a lot.

What change do you hope to see in the world?

Wow - that’s a huge question. I really hope that people move towards looking after the planet better. I mean that's kind of obvious really, we all need that. But, I suspect that people put themselves in front of what's going on which is my main concern and sometimes I’m guilty of that myself. But that has to be the number one priority, looking after the earth, our planet. And then each other. And I hope that there can be a greater moral compass for how people treat each other.

It's all about connection, right?


Where is your Somewhere? The place where you feel most at peace, grounded, revived and regenerated.

My home is my Somewhere. It’s where I'm really comfortable and I often stand out on my point and look out at the view, just contemplating life and things like that. So, that would probably have to be it, I mean there are other places I love - but my home is probably it.


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