Gallery girl by day, founder and designer of 08 Jewellery by night, Priya’s soft, genuine nature, strong sense of self, generosity and creativity are a constant light to us at MM. Captured as one of the people who continue to influence and inspire us, we talked to Priya about not only what she does, but who she is - the change she hopes to see in the world and what makes her truly happy.


Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?

I am one part jeweller and one part gallery girl. With both of my worlds are equally important to me, I couldn't have one without the other.

How did you get into both of these worlds?

I studied fine art at Elam. Whilst I was studying I was taking night classes in making jewellery, just as another skill to learn. Then I went travelling and when I came back from overseas I started making more jewellery as I had lots more time at this stage. Then I got a job at the gallery but kept making jewellery at the same time.

Did your travels influence the type of jewellery that you design?

In a way, yes although possibly my cultural heritage inspired this more. I’m from India and I think the cultural value of jewellery and how it is used has really inspired me.

How did you start working with MM? What's the connection?

My friend Olive! I started lending jewellery for campaigns and then we started to make some hardware together. And that was something completely new for me, as it was more functionable. Being functionable but also being aesthetic - that's how it really started.

Do you have any favourite memories of working with the MM team?

I think the first time that Maggie used the samples was the coolest thing. It felt like the two brands came together nicely but not in a planned way - it was beautiful.

What would you say the ethos of your jewellery is? How would you describe it?

Because of the way that I work, I work in a really slow way and I work as sort of something that just happens alongside the other half of my life so it's quite slow and I only make pieces that I want to be out in the world. I think Maggie has a really great approach, I think even after the last few weeks it seems quite an important thing to me that my brand is a very slow brand. I think people appreciate that. I think people appreciate that I make changes, but I still make pieces from series 1 today. Continuity, I think is quite important.

What makes you, you? Separate from your job, who are you as a person?

I’m a maker and an appreciator of other makers and other creators.

What quality do you value most in others?

Humility - absolutely. I feel like I have a lot of people around me who are so giving with their knowledge and time.

What things do you love most in the world? What makes you truly happy?

My family. My friends. A whole lot of things, like travel and art and so many other things. But family, friends and beautiful things that make people happy.

What change do you hope to see in the world?

I hope to see more humility in the world, more sensitivity to each other. I think everything stems from this.

Where is your Somewhere? The place where you feel most at peace, grounded, revived and regenerated.

My Somewhere is not so much a place, it’s more a state of mind. It comes from so many things - feeling inspired, productive, or often just being around creative people and great thinkers.

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