Hardworking, determined and gifted Mother, Sarah’s energy, warmth and zest for life are a gift shared with everyone she touches. Captured as one of the people who continue to influence and inspire us, we talked to Sarah about not only what she does but who she is - the change she hopes to see in the world and what makes her truly happy.





Can you tell me a little bit about what you do? 

Currently I’m a mum. I just had a baby so I’m a mamma but before that I worked for Maggie Marilyn in the Production team. Which I will probably come back to very soon!


How did you start working with MM?

Well when I left school, I decided not to go to university because school just wasn’t for me. I worked for my Dad for a little bit in his sawmill up north - which was amazing. Working in the sawmill definitely made me get a backbone! It must have been a bit funny seeing me there - the only girl with hundreds of guys. I think they all got a shock when I walked in. With the sawmill being in Kerikeri, I think the commute just got a little bit too much. I was going up and down every week - Monday to Thursday up north and then I came down for the weekends. So I did this for about 6 months and then I started working for Maggie in Auckland. Mags is my older sister. Initially I just started working part time and then it grew into the role I left with in production. 


Do you have any favourite memories of working at MM?

Aw, everyday! This is tricky, there were just so many. The fashion show last year was definitely one of the highlights. But yes - everyday was so fun, especially for me as I was quite naughty... Rod and I had so many laughs down the back. 


How do you feel looking back at this time now you have taken a step back from it?  

I love it so much more - one hundred percent. You don't know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it, I guess. I wish I had valued it more at the time. And I think now that I am a mum I really look back and value the individuality and purpose that having a job brings. Becoming a mum is amazing but you're also stuck to the hip with this person and cater for their every need. I really didn’t appreciate the freedom of only having yourself to look after. 


What makes you, you? Separate from your job, who are you as a person?  

I’d describe myself as a bit cheeky. I’m the one who probably says the inappropriate comment at a funeral, that's me! I walk into a room and put my foot into it everytime. 


What are three things that you value most in others? 

Honesty, kindness and a sense of humour. You can’t go wrong with a sense of humour, someone that makes you laugh is everything - you never forget someone who makes you laugh. 


What things do you love most in the world? What makes you truly happy? 

My little boy - my little Freddie. And, just family in general. I mean, I guess that’s a really common thing to say but I love my family. And Summer, I love the warm weather. It always makes me feel better. 


We love Freddie too! How are you finding being a mum? 

Honestly, everything has surprised me. It has been the biggest shock of my life that no one can prepare you for. I think the main thing is sleep deprivation. I read so much the whole time I was pregnant and I thought I had everything so sorted! But I guess nothing can really prepare you for waking up to feed around the clock. Initially you just do not get any sleep, it's crazy. But it's also amazing how quickly the body gets used to something. Like now I actually feel fine during the day, but the first month was a shock. I really feel that the hard parts of being a mum aren’t talked about enough and it’s so important to feel we can talk about these! But don’t get me wrong - it is amazing - having this little person that you made. Sometimes I look at him and I still can’t believe he was in my stomach, it’s incredible. 


What change do you hope to see in the world? 

Good question. Now that I’ve had a baby I feel so much more aware of child poverty and I hope this changes. I wish that no child had to go to school hungry, I think it is so horrific. Also household abuse towards women and children. We need to stop this. I don’t know how we can make these things better but this is the change I hope to see in the world.


How do you rest and recharge? What do you like to do when you’ve got some ‘you’ time? 

I like to exercise. I haven’t in a while but I'm hoping to get back into it soon. I also love to cook, it's something I do that makes me happy and relaxed. But, I mean, just watching Grey's Anatomy on the couch to be honest! That's what I'm into at the moment - it’s so good with breastfeeding!


Where is your Somewhere? The place where you feel most at peace, grounded, revived and regenerated. 

My somewhere is THE Somewhere. Our Somewhere up north, in the bay of islands. That's where I feel completely at peace, 100%. Some of my favourite memories here are family Christmases. We are such a Christmas family, so every year this is the thing I look forward to. The day after Christmas I am already looking forward to the next one.  


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