Maggie Hewitt is outspoken about her vision for a more sustainable, more transparent fashion industry. All company decisions stem from first asking, “Will this be good for the planet and people?” A question most brands answer too late in the design process, or never at all. In her rousing, heartfelt speech, Hewitt pointed out that the ecosystem of fashion is not invested in sustainability because they perceive little pay off from a financial perspective. She notes, “Buyers had started actually saying to me in person ‘Sustainability just isn’t important to our customers, this isn’t a story we are ready to tell.’” Hewitt knows from first-hand experience that her customers do care, and for those that don’t, she is betting that with a little education, they soon will, “I knew then and there that if we wanted to educate the women wearing Maggie Marilyn on the importance of ethical and environmentally responsible fashion, wholesale was not our way forward. We needed direct communication with our customer.

- Laura Jones

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‘Organic growth: Maggie Marilyn founder launches sustainable fashion line’

Maggie Hewitt, founder of Maggie Marilyn, might still fall into the ‘emerging talent’ category so far as fashion designers go, but when it comes to building a sustainable business, she’s more seasoned than most....


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Hewitt's trying to walk the line between charging enough for clothes that she can do things ethically (after all, if being kind to the planet was the cheapest option, everyone would be doing it) and making things accessible enough that responsibly-made fashion isn't reserved for luxury customers...


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‘Being an Eco Fashion Warrior Isn't Easy But Maggie Marilyn Has an Idea’

Somewhere was designed to hit three main points: luxury quality, seasonless style, and perfect fit. "After my trip to Paris in February 2018, my world was spinning so fast and all I craved that feeling of simplicity, of being home, and of being dressed in pieces like what I wore growing up; singlets t-shirts, singlets, jeans , hoodies and leggings,"


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‘Maggie Marilyn’s New Sustainable Basics Are Fully Recyclable—So You’ll Never Throw Out an Old T-Shirt Again’

If Maggie Marilyn isn’t satisfied with her sustainability efforts yet, then two things must be true. First, that virtually every designer is miles behind (because who has more ambitious goals than Marilyn?), and second, that for all of her progress and dedication, there are bigger systems in place that simply won’t allow for certain changes....


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‘Maggie of Maggie Marilyn on the moral imperative and personal hope of launching her first fully circular fashion line Somewhere’

Leading the charge for sustainably with her label Maggie Marilyn, she is going the extra mile with this first fully traceable and circular range of clothing. Over two years in the making, it’s a pioneering project with policies she hopes will soon migrate to her main line, enhancing the ecosystem of every garment through every tier in the supply chain.

- Jessica-Belle Greer

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‘Maggie Marilyn Debuts Somewhere, A New Line Of Seasonless Wardrobe Essentials’

With essential pieces such as a well-cut T-shirt (which the team prototyped more than 15 times), a button-down shirt, cardigan and round-neck jumper, the collection is centered around the brand’s philosophy that good design can and will last a lifetime. 

- Rosie Herdman

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