It seems that the weeks have been flying by here in the Maggie Marilyn office. The wind is a little warmer, dusk seems to arrive later and later by the day - spring is just around the corner.  

The timing feels perfect for us to step into a new phase, and open the doors
(metaphorically - the doors of our store are closed until we reopen at Level 2!).

Our mission is to use fashion to create a better world.

We're looking for full time and part time Retail Assistants to join us on this journey.  

At Maggie Marilyn we hope to be a family of unique backgrounds, experiences, cultures, religions, beliefs, gender identities and orientations. We aim to foster an internal culture that is diverse, inclusive, welcoming, honest, kind and individual. Where employees feel valued, listened to, respected, understood and can uncompromisingly be their authentic selves.

Our desire is to share our passion for sustainability with everyone we meet and to inspire our customer through the story behind our clothing. 
Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?
We’d love to get to know you. 

View the full job description here: 

We're Hiring

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