Our Story

Ambitious and passionate; Maggie is determined to not only make clothes for living beautifully but to also make a change for good in an industry that itself is reflecting on constant speculation regarding its ethical and environmental footprint; considering a living wage and attention to the impact on the environment to be basic necessities of the fashion business.

Since the 1870's, clothing manufacturing has been a growing industry in New Zealand. The local industry boomed - in the 1950s up to 4% of the country's population were employed by the garment industry. When overseas manufacturing became competitive, import restrictions were lifted, and mass manufactured clothing imports quadrupled within ten years, wiping out the local industry. (x)

New Zealand manufacturers that had been working for generations could no longer compete in a global market, many had to downsize or go out of business entirely. (x)

By working with local manufacturers, our goal is to revitalise an industry that was once thriving, by reinvesting into the lives of the skilled craftsman that make up the small and innovative industry we have today.