1. Challenge Stores and Designers

The customer has more power than ever to change the way businesses are run. Ask questions and challenge the products you buy. How traceable are their supply chains? What impacts their decision to use certain fabrics? The best way to get answers is to ask questions! 

We try our best to answer all questions that come to us via email, instagram or our contact page

2. No more 'out with the old'

Set a new resolution to cherish your wardrobe. Our closets are like an autobiography of our lives, each year contributing to a new chapter. Love that outfit that you wore to graduation, to your first job interview, your first promotion, or what you wore the first time you said I love you. Let what you wore on a good day, empower you through a tough one. Know that the small act of buying less and holding on to what you have is an important contribution to the future of our planet.

3. Launder less

The sun is our greatest natural detergent. Leave clothes that smell in the sun for a few hours and they will be as good as new. Choose hand washing over machine washing, as it will preserve your clothes for longer. Finally, get rid of your tumble dryer - it is ruining your clothes and only adding to your power bill!

4. Mending makes things last longer

Don't get rid of a shirt because you have lost the buttons, or throw out your knits that have a few holes. Learning to mend your clothes can add years to their life. 

Keep your eyes peeled this year as we will also be launching free hand sewing and mending classes for those who want to learn to care for their wardrobe.

5. Let us do it for you!

We offer a free of charge alteration and mending service for all Maggie Marilyn pieces that have been purchased through our website or showroom. 

Wear and tear is a part of living life, but it doesn't mean you have to stop wearing something that you cherish. 

Contact us and we'll help you with your mending and alterations. 

6. Spend an afternoon at the beach (with a rubbish bag)

It's easy to make a positive impact on your local community by donating time to ocean conservation clean ups. The Maggie Marilyn team was lucky to join Sea Cleaners for one of their events earlier this year. Stay tuned to join us on the next one in 2019!

Photo Credits - Photography: Trevor King, Styling: Jaime Ridge, Hair: Tiago Goya, Makeup: Tami Shirley, Model: Annahstasia Enuke  

7. Embrace outfit repeating

Don't be afraid to repeat outfits - embrace it!
Let your best looks have their time in the spotlight. Let's put an end to the stress of finding something new for every special occasion. Wouldn't it be great to see an influencer wear something more than once?

8. Find out where your power comes from

Do you know if your power company uses renewable energy? Make time to look into it. It's a small change that can have a big impact!

In New Zealand, the Energy, Efficiency and Conservation Authority can share more information about what types of renewable energy are currently available. 

9. Calculate your carbon footprint

Understanding your personal carbon emissions seems complicated but it can be made easy. The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) offers a free app to help you calculate your carbon footprint. 

Set goals to try and reduce your footprint by taking public transport twice a week or choosing to walk instead of drive on the weekends.

10. Clue yourself up

Research and educate yourself on a garment's value chain, on the state of our environment, economics and the future of our planet. There are some great organisations who are setting out to make this information easily accessible to all people. We recommend following: 

- United Nations
- Ellen MacArthur Foundation
- The World Economic Forum
- National Geographic