At Maggie Marilyn we are committed to transparency (and not just in our supply chain). We want to ensure our customers know who they are buying from and how we operate.

So put on the kettle, make yourself a cup of tea, and dive into the Maggie Marilyn Ripoata ō nga Kawekawenga Impact Report 2021.

Read our full Impact Report here.

Our 2022 Sustainability Strategy outlines our ambitions for the next two years as well as the roots we intend to put in place around circularity and regeneration.
We are constantly learning but we are here to do things differently and we hope that you will join us.

Click here for our 2022 Sustainability Strategy.

Also see our Supplier Code Of Conduct here, created alongside our Strategy.

“We are at a truly pivotal moment in history. This isn’t just about fashion. Here and now is where we decide what the world will look like for future generations. We must adapt to a changing world. We must choose to be better than those before us. We must know our purpose and we must do everything in our power to be the change we wish to see in the world.” 

- Maggie Hewitt