Abraham Moon & Sons are one of the few remaining fully vertical mills in the United Kingdom. Their commitment to operating in a responsible manner includes maintaining an open and professional approach with suppliers; offering the best working environment for employees; and minimising their environmental impact.

Benefits of Wool: Wool is strong and resilient but will naturally biodegrade when the time comes. Old wool fabric and fibre can be recycled for many uses including insulation and geotextiles, as well as being an effective compost as it slowly releases nitrogen rich nutrients back to the soil. Wool uses significantly less energy during its production than manufacturing man-made fibres. Wool production produces lower carbon dioxide emissions and hence has a low carbon impact on the earth.

Moon & Sons are in full support and compliance with the Terrestrial Animal Health Code which recognises the 5 following freedoms:

1. Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition through ready access to fresh water and a diet sufficient to maintain full health and vigour. 2. Freedom from discomfort through provision of an appropriately sheltered and comfortable environment. 3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease by prevention, or rapid diagnosis and treatment. 4. Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour through provision of sufficient space, suitable facilities, and company of the animals own kind. 5. Freedom from fear and distress ensuring conditions and treatments imposed avoid mental suffering.

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