A Sweet Collaboration

This season we have teamed up with fellow New Zealand artist Billie Culy to produce our beautiful Billie t-shirts available in three prints. The proceeds from this collaboration are going to Sweet Charity (headed by Holly Meyers left). Maggie (right) and Billie (centre), both aged 24, attended primary school together in the North Island of New Zealand. Not only has this collaboration been a chance to highlight the work of another remarkable young New Zealand creative, but has also helped to support a cause close to Maggie and Billie's heart.  Read on about Billie and Sweet Charity below. 

Photo credit: Rebecca Thomas/Viva
Left to right: Holly Meyers (Sweet Charity), Billie Culy, Maggie Hewitt



Billie Culy

Billie Culy (b.1994 Wellington, New Zealand) examines traditional still life painting and attempts to reconfigure its treatment of colours and textures into the medium of photography. Her images are both records of time spent in suburban and coastal communities, as well as carefully composed explorations of pigment, light and surface texture. Possessing qualities reminiscent of faded still life paintings, Culy’s work explores notions of memory and nostalgia. They are at once a nod to the historical, as they are an attempt to break free from the conventions of traditional still life.


Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity was conceived with the intent to fund two charities; the Grief Centre and Supporting Families in Mental Illness. Supporting Families is a mental health and addictions support provider for families and whanau. The Grief Centre is a Charitable Trust committed to providing support to those affected by grief and loss. Sweet Charity opened in May 2017, selling donated clothing and homewares in a small space in Glenfield, on Auckland’s North Shore. With the help of dedicated volunteers and generous donations, Sweet Charity are able to assist both organisations to continue with their crucial and valuable work; helping New Zealanders through times of crisis and building stronger more resilient communities.



Billie T-Shirts