Cutting Services has been operating in New Zealand for 20 years. Owned by Mark Brahne, Cutting Services provide a crucial early step in our supply chain. After our patterns are complete and our fabric has been ordered and delivered to our head office, we take them to Mark. His factory is a two minute walk from ours which makes this process an easy one! Mark and his team of five work with a pattern digitiser , Jackie, who grades our patterns into a full size run. Cutting Services then expertly cut each pattern piece for almost every Maggie Marilyn garment. Once cut, these pattern pieces return to the MM head office where they are then taken to one of our amazing manufacturers to start making. Like many people we work with in New Zealand, Mark has been in the industry for decades. In the 80's when fashion in New Zealand was made locally, people like Mark could not keep up with the demand. However, when offshore production became a competitive alternative, many New Zealand fashion businesses took their work offshore. Furthermore, fewer jobs were available to the younger generations. By being one of the many emerging New Zealand brands who consider locally made products to be at the heart of our business, places like Cutting Services can continue to prosper.

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