Employing over 30 staff members, Seabreeze Apparel specialise in jersey fabrics and fabric screen printing. Established in 1984, Seabreeze Apparel provide a full CMT service in Silverdale, from cutting the garment to the manufacturing and trimming. Seabreeze are committed to paying all of their staff above minimum wage and are working towards a three year goal for all employees to be earning at least the New Zealand living wage, with highly skilled makers earning above this rate.

Seabreeze Machinists


"I have worked in the industry for thirteen years. I came from Fiji and when I got here I saw the ad in the paper looking for a machinist so I applied. To this day this has been my first and only job and in this same factory. I am proud that we make New Zealand made garments like Maggie Marilyn." 

Roshni Devi Madhukar

"I have been working in the industry since I left school at sixteen. I joined the industry just as a job until I got my school C results but I have stayed in it. It's a pretty good job to be in. I have been here for twenty years. I like that its not the same thing all the time. I have definitely seen the industry change. It used to be a huge industry, you never needed references to get a job, because there were always jobs here. But now it's different, there aren't that many clothing places around."

Gaylene Strange 

"I am the sewing room supervisor at Seabreeze. I have been in the industry for 50 years, starting in a boutique in Milford, Auckland when I was 15 years old and by 18 I was supervising and sample machining for this boutique. The industry has changed a lot. When the tariffs came off and opened us up to imports and offshore manufacturing, things got quite tough. To survive you have to find areas in the market to make your mark. I enjoy the people I work with and the different cultures and personalities."

- Christine Davis 

"I have been in the industry since the year 1987 until today. My hobby was sewing and I love to wear fashionable clothes. Over the years there have been many changes in the types of clothes, patterns and machines we have been using. I love my job because I know how to use different types of machines and sew different garments. I also love our very friendly company and the staff. I am always learning new things about sewing and how to make new styles."

- Asha Kiran 

"I have been in the industry for 34 years. My mum was a machinist so I started right after I left school. It's a lot harder for this industry than it was years ago and things change a lot like the style of clothing. What I love about my job is the people, we all look after each other. I like that I learn new jobs and how to use new machines all the time which makes it interesting."

Tracey Antunovic


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