Selvage Cloth are a New Zealand owned fabric supplier. Owner, Neha travels around the world sourcing beautiful end of line fabrics that he predominantly sells to New Zealand and Australian customers. Selvage finds new buyers for rescued dead stock fabric, giving them a new purpose.

"I have been in the textile /fashion industry for over 20 years now .This is the second fabric company i have owned this one called Selvage Cloth has been going for just 3 years .The name Selvage represents what i am trying to achieve with buying dead stock from other places in the world and bringing it to New Zealand to sell to the local market . I am proud that 90 % of my product has been sourced as surplus / leftover that may have been subject to becoming landfill or disposed of unsuitably.

Buying surplus provides it own challenges the main being no consistency with stock for customers , but i feel that there should be more consideration with what and how product is offered in the market considering what the world is faced with environmentally .I’m not saying this model is by any means perfect environmentally but I'm trying all the time to get better professionally and personally .
I feel a lot of  my motivation comes from what my customers do make with the fabric i sell them .To say that I'm interested in fashion may be an understatement ,in fact my wife says i'm more like a frustrated designer ! I hope that my influence in this industry may be that i influenced and inspired people/designers/customers to try something different through my fabric ,to inspire the people they are designing for and in turn give those people different ideas, outlooks."

-Neha Belton Director Selvage Cloth

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