We believe that sustainability should be accessible to everyone. With our main line, there are multiple reasons why we can't make it more affordable, so we needed a solution. Somewhere was born to solve this problem.


Here is how we were able to make Somewhere more affordable than our mainline:

1.Cutting out the middleman - selling direct to consumer means we don’t have to add margin for wholesalers. No added price for wholesalers = no added price for customers.

2. Efficiencies - these products won’t have an expiry date, they will be made season after season. This means sampling and prototyping costs are a one off. Unlike the main line where each new season requires new sampling and prototyping. Reduced time and resources = reduced price.

3. Scale - with designs and fabrics staying the same, we can order larger quantities of fabric at a time, meaning better prices from our suppliers. Better prices from our suppliers = better prices for our customers.

4. Simplicity of design - simple design means it takes less time for our manufacturers to make, meaning it costs us less. Lower manufacturing costs = lower retail costs. 

What affordable means to us

We feel it is important to note what ‘affordable’ means to us, as when we say we have created a more affordable offering, we don’t mean that we have developed a $20 t-shirt. To us, affordable means a price where both our customers and the people in our supply chain are getting the best value. For our customer this means getting a quality product at a good price. For the people in our supply chain, this means we continue to operate ethically and sustainably, while having enough margin in our sales to reinvest into revitalising the New Zealand manufacturing industry and supporting our international suppliers in bettering their practices on each level of the supply chain.