Our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) was written in line with internationally accepted standards including the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) core conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It outlines the minimum level of standards we expect from our suppliers, covering topics including animal welfare, environmental management, chemical and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, living wage, working conditions, and waste management. 

Before working with any new supplier we ask them to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct. To ensure they are complying with these minimum standards we research each supplier, provide them with a questionnaire and engage with them directly to fully understand their operations. Although we have close relationships with our factories we understand the importance of having third party factory audits which we will begin in September 2020, starting with our 5 primary factories.

Instead of having many suppliers, it is our strategy to build strong, trusting, sustainable relationships with a small group of suppliers who meet our requirements. As well as holding our suppliers to the highest standards of ethics and environmental management we also hold ourselves accountable for our purchasing practices.

“I simply cannot turn a blind eye. I believe it is my responsibility to do better than those before me. Of course, I want to produce clothing that enriches the lives of the customer but for me to want to be any part of this industry my clothing also has to enrich the lives of the people involved in my textile and garment production as well.”

- Maggie Hewitt, Founder