At Maggie Marilyn we hope to be a family of unique backgrounds, experiences, cultures, religions, beliefs, gender identities and orientations. We aim to foster an internal culture that is diverse, inclusive, welcoming, honest, kind and individual. Where employees feel valued, listened to, respected, understood and can uncompromisingly be their authentic selves.

Accounts Assistant

We're hiring an Accounts Assistant, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

See the full Job Description here.

We welcome you to apply by sending your resume to

But don't forget, resumes are only one piece of the puzzle - so much of what makes us special doesn't always translate into a formal document. So tell us, what secret sauce or special power can you bring to team MM? Do you make the world's best pancakes or chilli margaritas? Are you a wizard at Excel spreadsheets or wrapping birthday presents? Everyone has a story and we can't wait to hear yours. 


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