A huge part of our goal in creating a circular and regenerative business, comes down to our fabrics. By the end of 2020 50% of our collections will be made using repurposed and recycled materials. Selecting our raw materials is a very careful and considered part of our research and development process, as is ensuring that the production of our fabrics is kind to people and the planet. We look to independent certifications such as Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to guide our decision making.

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We will always challenge 'normal'  industry practices to ensure that they align with our values. This is why we made the decision to ship our seasonal wholesale collections in fully biodegradable bags. Made from root starch (cassava), vegetable oil and a vegetable polymer, these bags, created for us by ComPlast, decompose back to nature and dissolve in water. Some manufacturers of petroleum-based bags will add plant-based materials to the plastic and also claim these as "biodegradable". A very frustrating piece of greenwashing! Although ComPlast Bags aren't certified home-compostable they are made of 99.5% plant material and completely biodegrade back into the circle of life, without creating any microplastics (as the petroleum-based plastic do).  Testing is underway to identify the 0.5% non-organic matter, which is likely picked up during the manufacturing process. ComPlast Bags have undergone rigorous testing by approved authorities, demonstrating that they are commercially compostable and 100% biodegradable,  surpassing the aerobic biodegradation requirements for ASTM D6400, EN13432 and AS4736 certification. ComPlast products are non-toxic, a requirement for EN13432 and AS4736 certification. We hope that by sharing such developments in Maggie Marilyn packaging, we can encourage other brands and our own retailers to demand more, narrowing in on a specific issue that is holding us all back from being more accountable to our waste.

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Climate Change

We are acutely aware that the global climate is changing and we must lower our impact on the planet to limit global warming to 1.5°C above the global pre industrial era temperatures. We are proud that New Zealand is taking big steps towards becoming Carbon Neutral by 2050.  This means the amount of carbon New Zealand emits is the same as the amount we sequester. This is why we have included in our Sustainability Strategy the aim of becoming carbon neutral as a business. This means we take every step we can to limit the emissions of carbon into the atmosphere then "off-set" what we can't eliminate through investment into carbon credit programmes. This money then supports the growing of more trees and forests, or other carbon sequestering initiatives and technologies. At time of writing we are in discussions with a carbon neutral certifier. Further to this, helping to solve climate change underpins our motivation to help make the fashion industry circular! Watch this space!