Caring, protective, fair and supportive. From New Zealand, to the world - we have something to say.

At Maggie Marilyn, we’re on a mission to Create a Better World. We believe putting our planet and our people at the core of what we do is the only way forward. When you let go of the grow more, sell more, be more cycle and find comfort in the buy as you need, repair what you can and repurpose what you can’t - that’s when you will find a home at Maggie Marilyn. You’ll learn about our climate positive status, what it means to be a circular business and our plans for a regenerative supply chain. You’ll discover that nothing is possible without collective force, brave ideas and a vision for a better world. And that’s what we’re all about - helping you make smarter choices now for the not-right-now. From farms in the deep South of New Zealand to your home - your life, everyday - anytime, forever, let’s Create a Better World together. At Maggie Marilyn, we abide by three core values which you’ll discover below: People, Planet and Prosperity.


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