At Maggie Marilyn, we believe the future of fashion is circular. No waste, no incineration and no landfills. Somewhere has been consciously designed with the ability to be recycled, allowing materials to be kept within a closed-loop system to be used again and again. This means that if over the years, your love for a garment ends, we can take it back and give it a brand new life. As part of our commitment to transparency, Somewhere garments are also traceable from farm to finished garment.

Somewhere, is the name of Maggie’s childhood home in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Somewhere represents that place where arriving feels like a warm embrace, a deep breath, a loving smile. It’s about going back to your roots, arriving home, to that place in the world where you truly belong. Where your feet feel grounded and your spirit recharged. We hope that when you wear these clothes, you are transported to your very own Somewhere.

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