Growing up in a rural, coastal region of New Zealand, Maggie Hewitt’s appreciation for and desire to protect our natural world was intrinsically engrained.

Her love for fashion led her to study Fashion & Sustainability, through which she pulled back the glamorous curtain of fashion and saw an industry that needed fixing, and fast.

Maggie saw it as her mission to build a brand that championed transparency, empowered people and ensured the health of our planet was at the forefront of every decision. Maggie Marilyn was founded to make a difference in an industry that needed change. 

Our purpose is to use fashion
to create a better world.

Our mission to transform the fashion industry to one
that is transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive. 

Our vision is for a healthy planet, empowered
people and an economy that puts these things first. 

We promise to...

Put people and planet first

Always be transparent

Empower everyone our business touches

Retain a hunger to learn, knowledge is power

Challenge the status quo and redefine the norm

Communicate honestly, finding strength in vulnerability

It's not what you do,
it's who you are

The Maggie Marilyn girl is a dreamer.
She is quietly confident; strong, yet sensitive. She is firm in her beliefs; kind, yet never afraid to speak the truth. Elegant and timeless, yet never boring. A feminist, while openly vulnerable and obsessively passionate. She is an environmentalist, pays attention to the little things and fights for the underdog. She is an extremely loyal friend, lover, sister, and mother.
She believes anything is possible.