NZ Made

It is a cornerstone of our brand to manufacture in New Zealand. We are committed to making every garment possible locally, with 95% of our current collection proudly made here. The only exception is some of our more complex knitwear designs, which are made responsibly in Milan, Italy. We are steadfast in our decision to manufacture in New Zealand despite the significantly higher cost compared to producing offshore. The New Zealand garment manufacturing industry was decimated in the late 80’s through the explosion of fast fashion and cheap imports. Incredibly, a small group of pattern makers, machinists, cutters, pressers and fabric suppliers survived. The dedication and skill of these amazing people is what inspires us most. At Maggie Marilyn we have pledged to help rebuild a manufacturing base in this beautiful country and to forever challenge ourselves on how we do business. Success to us will always be measured by the positive impact we can make in our community and our industry. We are passionate about revitalising the New Zealand clothing manufacturing industry, investing in our community and fostering our next generation of talented makers.

To read more about our Responsibility, download our Supplier Code of Conduct here. To learn more about our commitment to become 100% made in New Zealand, download our 2020 Sustainability Strategy here.

Our Makers

We hold dearly the close relationships we have with all of our makers. They are as much a part of our lives as we are of theirs. We know the names of their wives, husbands and children. These relationships come with the uniqueness of producing in New Zealand. We are so proud to be contributing to our wonderful community and providing work to small, often family owned businesses working in an industry they love. Not only are we supporting them, we aim to help them prosper once again into the booming manufacturing industry New Zealand once knew.

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